Costa Rica brothel…those worth loving

brothel blogI’d like to give you a short update of our time yesterday ministering at a brothel.  This certain brothel is connected to a casino and hotel where people travel from all over the world to participate in legal prostitution. My friend and I went during daylight hours, parked a few blocks away and walked through the city streets towards this tall pink building.  As we got closer we would see men walking from all different directions towards the brothel…and men walking out of the brothel and back into their “normal life.”

We walked in and right away were greeted by an employee that asked, “Can I help you?” looking at us strangely and wondering what in the world we were doing there.  We responded, “could we grab some coffee in the lounge?” I love going into places like these because God’s light always shines when we walk into dark places. It is generally easy to strike up a conversation we stick out like sore thumbs drinking coffee in the middle of a casino brothel. Most every time I go into these brothels, whether in my hometown or abroad.. it’s not long before someone is crying in our laps or smiling because they feel genuine love. I believe that the simple acts of kindness are one of the greatest miracles of all.

This particular casino brothel is quite hard for me to stomach because I know some girls who have worked there have heard the horror stories what what goes on underground. When you walk in, it looks like it could be a fun place to spend the day (if you a fan of the cards). But the reality of what is going on in the rooms above the casino could send chills down your spine. Since prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, human trafficking is rampant as well.

We learned that there is a room set apart where very young children are being bought for sex on a daily basis. It is a terrible thought to abuse a child and these are the little ones that I long to take home to our base.

These are the ones that are worth fighting for.

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