Learning from a barefoot movement

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.41.05 AMWhat would it look like to start a barefoot college for girls who have been rescued out of trafficking?


I watched this video this morning and started to dream about what this would look like in 2nd world nations or among trafficked victims. In India, Bunker Roy trained grandmas as engineers because he found that men were much more difficult to teach. He found that the men wanted certificates and status so they could leave their small village and move to the city to get a real job.

As I was watching this I began to wonder… what would it look like to use a similar model in Costa Rica and train up the poor, the trafficked and the forgotten. Trafficked children would care-less about getting a certification or obtaining status–they long for dignity.

What a dream it would be to walk onto this campus in India, look into the eyes of the poor, and learn their wisdom.

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