Meet Adela

La CarpioWe landed in Costa Rica with great expectation! The team that came on this short trip was absolutely phenomenal. We had people flying in from all over the nation to join in this adventure. In our first week we spent most of our time in trash dumps and surrounding barrios among the poorest of the poor. One of my favorite testimonies from our time there was meeting a grandma named Adela….

AdelaAdela  is a grandmother of four generations all living together in one of the poorest barrios in Costa Rica. This woman won our hearts! When we met Adela her house was falling down, she had recently taken in two abandoned orphans, and she no money for bread the next day. Despite her circumstances, her face was beaming with joy as she shared her story with us.

It was starting to get late so the team headed back to the car to get ready to leave but I wanted to say one last good-bye to Adela before we left. She told me that her adopted son was sick with the flu so I gave him a hug and prayed he would be well, but he stood stiff as a board and did not hug me back. Adela explained to me that he never got any affection from his mom. Since then, it has been hard for him to receive any kind of affection. After hearing this I wrapped my arms around this little boy again, gave him a tight squeeze, and told them I would be back to visit soon.

Two days later we returned for a visit. She pulled me aside to told me that the morning after we prayed her son woke up fever-free and a tumor he had on his neck completely dissolved. I was astounded at the news and overcome with joy. The power of a simple hug and God’s abounding love! That was a good day!

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