Planning with purpose

CutieToday I spent the afternoon with a dear friend, Nicole Thurman who came with me on this recent trip. Nicole, and a very small team of people successfully rescued over fifty girls out of
trafficking in Hawaii and helped to change two laws. She has really been an inspiration to me that the same can happen in Costa Rica. Today we met for lunch to work on the business plan for the arts center and amidst all the planning we both paused
for a moment to remember the purpose behind this all. It’s all for love!

This week I found myself bogged down with the details and the finances,  questions arose about how this center is going to run and how will it stay self sustained–the list goes on and on. I could drive myself mad with all the questions, but when I remember why I am doing this I am refreshed… It’s all for love.

I know without a doubt that the creative arts brings healing and restoration unlike anything else on this planet. One creative moment (whether it be art, dance, music, design, writing, inventing, etc) can bring out things that countless hours of counseling could never touch.

This reminder is the fuel to the fire when the details and the practicalities can seem overwhelming. I’m so thankful for amazing friends like Nicole who come along and add another log to the fire just when it starts to die down.

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